Try to forget about our cakes. We dare you.

Cakes, cupcakes and desserts from Cream of the Cakes make an unforgettable impression. Served at birthdays, weddings, graduations, corporate events and more, our sweet treats will keep your guests smiling, talking and making multiple visits to the cake table. Our treats are hard to forget about. But then again, why would you ever want to?

The Purse Cake of all Purse Cakes

Last month a client asked me to make his wife’s birthday cake. He wanted a designer purse cake for her to reflect her love of handbags. He also wanted a big cake that had a lot of WOW factor! He wanted this cake to not only WOW his wife, but… Read more →


Fall has arrived at Cream of the Cakes! The ovens are on and the mixer is going. We are bringing in the fall season with sweet treats just like Grandma use to make! I love making Whoopie Pies all year long but, I especially like making them in the fall of the year. Our fall flavor offerings of Pumpkin Patch and Mapled Sweet Potato has the cake kitchen smelling of cinnamon, cloves and allspice. Umm…I can hardly wait to taste test the first Whoopie Pie!
For those of you wondering what’s a Whoopie Pie? It is two large soft cake cookies with loads of buttery fluff sandwiched between them. Craving a Whoopie Pie, yet? We bake them fresh and will ship them right to your door.